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and a High Quality of Life


You won't find details about it anywhere else!



It could be called 'Paradise As It Once Was.' Here, it feels like you've been transported back in time, to the unspoiled exotic escapes of days past... Picture-perfect villages seemingly frozen in history... Palm and fruit trees dot the lush landscape. Estuaries with emerald green waters cut through a patchwork of lowland plains, tropical forests and sharp triangular peaks rising toward the blue sky.


300+ days of sunshine... affordable, tax-free living... cheap real estate... and prime business opportunities.



Dear Reader,


Maybe you’ve dreamed of escaping to a life overseas, lured by visions of a less stressful and more affordable lifestyle or retirement. Buying an exotic vacation home in the sun for a reasonable cost? Investing in property at rock-bottom prices? Starting a business in a place ripe with potential, low taxes and little regulation? But one by one, the great havens of the world have been discovered, developed and overrun and prices have skyrocketed before you could get in on the action.


Joining the likes of Florida, California, Arizona and many other spots across the American Sunbelt, many of the best and most affordable international opportunities have long come and gone in widely promoted destinations like Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, France, Italy, Croatia, Bali and many other places.

But, it's still not too late for you…

I'll explain exactly what I mean in just a moment. But first, I want to give you the big picture.


When it comes to international lifestyles and real estate investing, timing is just as important as location.


For example, in the 50's and 60's, forward-looking Europeans bought on the storied French Riviera. Italy's Amalfi Coast was an "It" destination of the jet set in the 70's. In the 80's, the alluring coastlines of southern Spain and Portugal became places to buy. With the arrival of the 90's, the European countryside and tropical Asia emerged as hot spots. And by the dawn of the 21st century, a string of popular Latin American and Caribbean countries saw flocks of Americans, Canadians, British, and  Europeans flock to their shores to take advantage of warm weather, sandy beaches, and reasonable prices.


But now, these places are old news.  They're largely overdeveloped, famously overcrowded and ridiculously overpriced. So, good luck finding true deals in any of these spots anymore. Cost-conscious expats, bargain-hunting retirees and profit-seeking investors in search of rock-bottom prices must look elsewhere.


That said, I want to tell you about an incredible place, which most people know absolutely nothing about.


I call this country the "Hidden Haven," because it sits below the radar like a diamond in the rough...holding extraordinary possibilities.


It had a  prosperous past that was long forgotten...overshadowed by its more turbulent history.


But today, political stability, government reforms and free market forces are spurring change, creating opportunities and unleashing its potential in ways never seen before...


This little-known dream destination is waiting for you with affordable housing and land costs, a friendly population that welcomes foreign residents and investors, exciting nightlife, recreational and cultural activities, and a wealth of business opportunities to wake up your inner entrepreneur...at prices found in other places 10 or 20 years ago!


Quietly, while few have been paying attention, its economy has been expanding at an impressive rate — booming actually. But even though this place is beginning to make its mark, it still has a long way to go before gaining a widespread reputation as a world-class destination. And that's good news for you. Since, if its transformation were complete, it would be widely known and prices would be much higher there.


This overlooked Eden is still incredibly cheap. And if you are looking for a place to enjoy an exciting lifestyle, comfortable retirement, property bargains, tax breaks and business opportunities, this is my #1 choice in the world right now.

A true utopia, its stunning landscapes...once busy with ancient civilizations...tribal warriors...Old World explorers...intrepid adventurers...and enterprising traders and merchants...will soon be bustling again...only this time with foreign tourists, expats, and international entrepreneurs...


I believe it quite possibly could become the "next big thing."


And now is the perfect time to gain a foothold in the pre-boom stage...enjoy the lifestyle perks and take advantage of the business and investment opportunities here now, then reap handsome profits when property values take a jump and the floodgates open.

It happened in the Costa Rica when that country became global tourism magnet. And it was the same story in Panama, too, when it garnered international attention as a retirement haven.

This paradise is next up. They don't know about it yet, but they will eventually find out.


You can get in well before the rest of the world starts to arrive.


If history is any guide, this wonderland is destined for much greater things.




Found: The Next Great Haven You've Never Heard Of



My name is Shannon Roxborough. I'm a longtime international consultant and former founding publisher and editor of The Internationalist, a monthly advisory research newsletter that revealed emerging destinations and special opportunities around the world ahead of the curve.


As a journalist and global expert on relocation, business and investing, my writing and research has been featured in numerous leading publications including Money, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, and Christian Science Monitor, as well as in specialty international lifestyle and investment media outlets.


I’ve personally lived overseas and explored, investigated and helped literally hundreds of people to relocate, retire and navigate opportunities in dozens of countries around the world.


For three decades, I've scoured the planet for emerging lifestyle, business and investment opportunities, while building an extensive network of global connections. I take pride in uncovering the best places in the world to live or retire, find property deals and take advantage of lesser-known investments introducing my readers and clients to them long before they are covered by mainstream media and become common knowledge.


Recognizing that windows of opportunity don't last forever, when I zero in on a destination with great potential, I get down to the business of probing, scrutinizing and investigating it thoroughly.


I've identified places well before real estate developers rushed in...expats followed behind them...and tourist flocks arrived, driving prices sky high.


To put this into into perspective, consider this:


In the 1980s, I started recommending the purchase of beachfront lots in the Dominican Republic. At the time, prices started at under $10,000. Today, a small slice of buildable oceanfront (if you can find it) goes for hundreds of thousands.

In the early-1990s, I pointed readers to
centuries-old villas in France and Italy, when they could be had for $15,000 and up… and watched as the values soared. Those who bought in back then could sell for $250,000 or more today.


A decade ago, I suggested apartments in Thailand. Back then you could rent a spacious place near the beach on the resort island of Phuket for $100 a month. Now, the cheapest small rentals are on the market for between $300 to $400.


Along the way, I've also introduced would-be expats to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Boquete, Panama; Bali, Indonesia; Croatia's Dalmation Coast; and Tallin, Estonia, when they were unknown backwaters. Now, they are well-established havens.

People who took advantage of these and other overseas opportunities I’ve suggested secured their futures with beachfront homes, cosmopolitan escapes and quiet retreats that have appreciated significantly in value… they are now enjoying the perks of a lifestyle that they simply couldn't have afforded back home... they have retired comfortably on a fixed income… and they have invested well, providing themselves with security for the years ahead.

With 30 years of global experience, I realize that t
here's still plenty of opportunity in the world… if you know the right places to look for it. Some countries offer low costs of living. Others have real estate investment potential or offer attractive business opportunities...some provide tax perks...and a few provide a simple route to residency and citizenship. But, in three decades of looking, I've never found a place that offers all these things...and more.


But THIS place is—without question—one of the most alluring, most enchanting, and most inviting places I've EVER discovered.


Nothing I’ve seen compares to the overall potential of this still-undiscovered jewel. That's why I decided to keep this place my own little secret…until now.


I can tell you that right now that this developing land of opportunity offers those with the vision to venture here some very appealing offerings. Because while the rest of the world's Edens were being explored and discovered...this last great paradise escaped detection...


Undiscovered by the masses, not many outsiders are privy to the cultural riches, natural wonders and vast lifestyle and business perks waiting to be uncovered in this vibrant but still-buried treasure.


So, exactly where is this 21st-century hideaway? I'm not telling...at least not just yet. But please bear with me.


I don't mean to be so cloak-and-dagger about this, but I'm being secretive for a reason. I don't want to give away this secret and spoil its appeal.


Without revealing too many details, this destination truly has something for everyone...

  • For Expatriates & Vacation Home Buyers: Discover manageable cities, charming little towns, quiet country retreats or private, away-from-it-all escapes in a warm climate. You can find comfortable homes with gardens, fruit trees and even a swimming pool for just $50,000...pay just $500 in rent for a place in a safe, upscale neighborhood....or live a simpler, less complicated life on an eco-friendly patch of land for prices starting at $1,500. You can employ a maid or other household help to cook and clean for about $1.75 an hour...enjoy a restaurant meal for two, with drinks and dessert, for $15...skip Uber and take a taxi for $8...buy a 750ml bottle of premium spirits for $2...get a quart of milk for 90 cents. 
  • For Retirees: On a fixed income and can't afford a comfortable retirement in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia or even in traditional overseas retirement havens? Pack up, move and start a low-cost life here...where your dollar will go much further. Live well on less than $1,000 a month or enjoy a luxury lifestyle on $2,000 a month! Import your household items and personal possessions duty-free…receive your Social Security and pension income tax-free.   Get utilities (electricity, gas and water) for $90 a month…visit a doctor for $20 or less…grab a quick lunch for $3.
  • For Investors: Although prices are still very affordable, real estate values have increased steadily in recent years, and the upward trend shows no sign of stopping, meaning there's significant money to be made on both land and homes if you buy in now, before this place is "discovered." Move-in ready homes with modern amenities start at only $25,000. Currently, a grand 10-bedroom mansion in the capital is going for $190,000 (ideal for a bed and breakfast or small hotel). Raw fertile land for farming, raising livestock or property development and lots to build on start at $350 per acre, while forested tracts ideal for logging or eco-tourism projects go for as little as $100 an acre.
  • For Entrepreneurs: Political, economic, and social stability has put the nation on the fast-track to international success. Ever-improving infrastructure, rock-bottom labor costs, low taxes and a pro-business government that has rolled out the welcome mat with incentives for foreign investors have spawned numerous opportunities to make big profits on even the most modest investments. There are few restrictions on imports or exports and the country is at the front end of a coming boom in tourism, business, and development    opening the door to profitable ventures limited only by your imagination. In January 2018, a new law was enacted here that will jumpstart an industry that is one of the fastest growing in the U.S. And one of this country's greatest resources makes it a prime location to set up a promising emerging industry that is taking the world by storm.
  • For Travelers and Vacationers: Explore culturally-rich cities with a wealth of activities, a range of restaurants and exciting nightlife...and the dozens of historic sites and quaint small towns and villages...take in a diverse landscape in an overlooked nature lover's and adventurer's paradise with a kaleidoscope of rushing rivers and lush mountains...of rolling green meadows and vast prairie plains...of tropical fruit orchards and colorful fields of fragrant flowers. Explore or adventure with a trek through one of the most vast expanses of wilderness on the planet... kayak or canoe into remote villages... go on white-water-rafting expeditions... hike through lush green valleys... horseback ride on ranches and through forests... swim in beautiful, tranquil waters... and more.

But for all this place has to offer, it has drawn little attention...

Until recently, that is.


In 2017, this wild, unspoiled oasis just started to hit the media headlines as a 'Hidden Gem.' The New York Times described its cultural and political heart as fascinating and cosmopolitan, while The Economist hailed the country's economic growth record. The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and The Financial Times all reported that it is increasingly attracting foreign investment.


Now, multinational corporations are moving in.


In the next few years, you will see start to see travel and lifestyle publications gradually pick up on it. Then, the traveling hordes, bargain-seeking expats and deep-pocketed capitalists will descend on this place like never before.

That means everything it has to offer won't be 'undiscovered' much longer...


It is, quite simply, a unique time in history is this place...a make-or-break time. And you can either get in now, or look back five years from now and wish you did.


But to take advantage of this potential, you need to act now…




Get In Now and Beat the Crowds: Be a 21st Century Pioneer



Try and picture a storied destination from a particular point in history, the perfect confluence of time, location and circumstance: The New World in Europe's Age of Exploration, the American Old West after the Revolutionary War, California during the Gold Rush, the Hamptons in the Roaring Twenties, Acapulco circa 1950, St. Moritz in the seventies, post-Balkan War former Yugoslavia, Shanghai during China's emergence as a global economic power.


Imagine what these places must have been like before the world arrived, and you'll begin to understand this place right now.


Many lives were reinvented and fortunes were made by pioneers in those places. Now, here's your chance capitalize on unbridled opportunity in a foreign frontier with similar potential.


Today, you have a very unique situation in this delightful nation...and I believe history is about to repeat itself.


This is a rare opportunity to become a pioneer...to live out your dreams of an affordable and uncomplicated life...take advantage of lucrative business opportunities...forge a new frontier...become part of a transformation...an economic boom...an exciting re-invention of a wild, freewheeling playground and entrepreneur's dream where almost anything's possible...


The big difference is that this place is changing fast and is poised for stunning growth.  


That means this might be your best chance to set yourself up in a place where almost everything still feels undiscovered and off the beaten path...offering the greatest opportunity in the world for expats and retirees to live an affordable quality lifestyle and for smart investors and global bargain hunters to pick up great values and make fast profits if they act quickly. 


Although few North American and European tourists and expats currently know of its charms, a number of things are coming together right now that will put this place on the map.


I can understand if you may believe I'm exaggerating the potential this place has for expats, retirees, second home owners and international entrepreneurs.


After all, most of the world's great paradises have already been discovered and exploited. But not this one.


The timing is right for you to gain a foothold...before the rest of the world catches on to what a wonderland this is. Like many others before it, this place will attract a growing number of foreign expats, retirees and profit seekers in the years to come.


Mark my words: This is the opportunity of a generation. In fact, you may not find another chance like this again in your lifetime.


Just imagine how rewarding it could be if you establish yourself here five or ten years ahead of the global curve.


Bottom line: This place is ripe with opportunity like a "diamond in the rough."


That's why it's time to take a closer look.



All You Need to Know About “The Secret Paradise”


This place has remained completely off the radar of most people.

And therein lies the opportunity for you to establish yourself here. This country is positioning itself nicely to be the next great lifestyle and business haven… and the cost of living, real estate prices and investment threshold here, right now, is a small fraction of what you'd pay in many other destinations.


The reason I haven't revealed its name and location here is because it is only fair to give my paying readers the inside scoop on this place...so they can get in first, before it becomes more widely known.


I provide full details about this place and all its offerings and opportunities in my new, one-of-a-kind insider's guide called Hidden Haven: The World's Last Best Place to Live, Retire, Buy Property & Start a Business on a Budget.


Literally years in the making, this comprehensive, over 200-page manual in e-book format gives you everything you need to know to live, retire, buy real estate, start a business, invest and prosper in this new Land of Opportunity... and it's as close as you can get to without getting your passport, flying there, hiring a personal guide, and spending a few months on the ground researching everything yourself.

I've included how-to information and valuable contacts in every chapter, with the kind of firsthand, on-the-ground insights you can gather only when you live in a place. Every section is filled with inside information gathered from locals, expatriates, attorneys, accountants, investment advisors and other "in the know" experts.


Once you've got your copy of Hidden Haven in hand, get ready to...

  • Buy a Cheap Home in Paradise. Get a list of real estate professionals you can trust, learn the nuts and bolts of buying property and track down city apartments with skyline or water views for only $50,000… comfortable, well-manicured suburban-style homes for $35,000 and up… small town retreats starting at $25,000… pastoral green acreage with outbuildings that would make perfect small farms or homesteads priced from $10,000... or have a house built for $75 per square foot  — or even less outside of urban areas using traditional local building methods and materials.
  • Cut Your Cost of Living by 50% or More. Withdraw $200 from an ATM to cover all your living expenses and bills for an entire week. Enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet meal for $2… find freshly-made street food snacks for only 35 cents... only pay $60 a month for both high-speed Internet access and cable TV service... get private health insurance that covers doctor visits and everything but major surgeries for prices starting at $25 a month. No more being nickel-and-dimed for almost everything!
  • Meet a Friendly Population That Welcomes Foreigners. Lots of places around the world are cheap. But you wouldn't want to live or spend time in most of them. This destination offers a high quality of life and a unique culture, too. It is a peaceful country where inhabitants are gentle, friendly and hospitable. The locals are casual, approachable, love to get to know people from different places, and still help their neighbors and even complete strangers in need.
  • Have Practical Know-How at Your Fingertips. Get inside knowledge from people who have already done what you're thinking about doing. See what you should bring with you when you visit for your exploratory trip. Get tips and advice on traveling the country on your own, the ins and outs of getting things done (from opening a bank account to getting Internet service). Get insights on exactly what to expect and what to watch out for, based on information obtained from people who have already moved to or bought property and invested in the country. Get a full description of the areas where you'll find the best lifestyle or opportunities you're interested in. Take advantage of a section on local culture and etiquette outlining must-know social norms and quirks.  Learn where to find the best medical and dental care. 
  • Get Easy Residency, Citizenship and a Second Passport. Immigration is simple, straightforward and affordable. There's a one-time application with no renewals or additional fees down the line. You can apply now and in a few months have residency for life. Benefits include a one-time exemption of import duties on importing your personal and household items. In three years, residents (even part-time ones) are eligible to obtain citizenship here and a passport. Learn the rules and ins-and-outs from government sources and people who have completed the process from start to finish.
  • Reap Tax Benefits and Enjoy Personal Freedom. Take advantage of low taxes and freedom from red tape and unnecessary paperwork. Pay no taxes on even report any income earned outside the country (including Social Security, pensions and business revenue). Enjoy legally protected personal and financial privacy. Live and do business hassle-free without threats of frivolous lawsuits. Build a home or have major renovations done without a permit. Fish without a license (no annual money grab or strict catch limits for individuals). You can accomplish most things without major interference, roadblocks or having to jump through hoops.
  • Invest in Real Estate Before the Land Rush. There's great potential here for short- and long-term gains in property value, because it's seriously under-priced today. Realistically, you can conservatively expect to see real estate prices double or triple in the next few years...and maybe even go higher. And the one thing this country has no shortage of is land. There is a lot of open space in the country, much of it farmland, ranch land and large tracts of raw land for ecotourism ventures. Some land here goes for a few hundred dollars per acre, with great potential for appreciation. One spot in the country has already seen the price of land increase 10-fold in the last decade.
  • Start a Business Catering to Tourists. A significant increase in foreign visitors is a trend with serious momentum, and a tourism boom is inevitable in this place. Between 2013 and 2017, international visits to this country rose by an incredible 145% and the number of tourists arriving here will only increase as it gains a higher profile. Now is the time to stake your investment claim in real estate or any tourist-related business. The short-term vacation rental market will grow with the number of arriving visitors with enormous potential over the longer term. There is an virtually untapped market for tourism services, and hired help is inexpensive. Open a B&B...a boutique hotel...a vacation rental company...an adventure or eco-tour business...a charter fishing service...or a shop seller merchandise to tourists — the sky is the limit!
  • Get a Detailed Overview of Other Opportunities. Learn how to successfully do business by knowing which sectors and industries have the most potential, and how to best position yourself to profit. Get the latest on on-the-ground economic and tax information, including the most trusted attorneys, accountants and advisors to hire to help you launch your business or invest in the country.

  • Enjoy a Tropical Playground and Vacation Jumping-Off Spot. Explore a place with warm weather easily reached from the U.S. that offers immediate access to world-class cities and vacation destinations. Never run out of places to go or things to do and see: From its watery borders to its lush interior, this undiscovered gem's natural landscapes and urban attractions are equally spectacular. The country has a mix of dreamy villages, picturesque countryside, pristine beaches, jewel-like lakes, and ancient settlements and ruins. Meanwhile, its cities and towns are alive with culture, museums, galleries, restaurants, bars, clubs and shops. I reveal all of my favorite places here to visit and explore, as well as to eat, drink, be merry or just hang out.
  • Access My Complete Black Book of Contacts. Get the names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and Web sites of the people and resources I've found to be the most helpful and honest. These trustworthy in-country connections can arrange everything from helping you learn the "lay of the land"...to obtaining residency...to scouting and purchasing real estate...to setting up a business...to taking care of all the little details, making navigating the local bureaucracy simple.

This special lifestyle and business manual details everything you need to know about getting into now, and I guarantee that it is the only available single resource of information on living, retiring, buying property and investing in this place.


Hidden Haven contains the kind of insight and advice that it's impossible to put a price on. Some of the valuable information that I reveal inside could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, but you can have it all for just $59, if you pre-order. That's $10 off the regular price!


One section alone could be worth more than 10 or 20 times that cost, by allowing you to save time, money and many hours frustration (and making the inevitable mistakes that come with being misinformed and unprepared) when tapping this place's potential.

Is it worth paying less than the cost of an average cell phone bill for information that is not available anywhere else?

I think you'll agree that's a small price to pay for an investment that could transform your life.


With Hidden Haven, in a mere matter of months or even weeks you could be on your way to take advantage of what is the most unique ground-floor overseas opportunity in history.



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Don't miss out on this opportunity to discover the extraordinary, life-changing opportunities that await you.


Yours sincerely,

Shannon Roxborough




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